Due to a various of new technologies and social networks, it becomes much easier to earn money. It’s not easy to earn revenue from selling YouTube ad integrations, but it’s real. I will share my experience on how to navigate the right number of subscribers so that you can make a profit from a video blog.

Why Youtube subscriptions is important?

Any advanced YouTube blogger wants to increase profit from commercial integration. We must strive to reach a larger number of active subscribers. Many users use the channel for business and work, while others just for fun. If a blogger has a good audience, then their channel turns into a platform for advertising, along with selling their products and offering services. When you get a lot of subscribers, advertisers will want to use you to talk about their services and products to strengthen their brand image.

Earn money from YouTube

The required number of subscriptions on the YouTube channel to earn money

You will be surprised, but the number of your subscribers on the channel to earn money is not as huge as you think. The amount of your profit depends on:

  • your industry and the ability to link it to certain products;
  • engagement and reach of video subscribers;
  • methods of earning and partners.

You need at least 1000 active subscribers. To earn more, you need to strive to increase these numbers. If your audience is 30,000 people, of which 20,000 are active, then you will get more than those who have 80,000, but only 15,000 are active. To ensure high-quality interaction, brands need a wide audience, so you need to have at least 10,000 of your subscribers. Even channels with a small number of subscribers will be able to earn money on their channel.

Payment in YouTube for the number of views and subscribers.

YouTube pays for the number of ad views in your video. The longer the video, the more ad breaks you can insert. However, the video should not be too boring, since only ad impressions are paid, so the subscriber must watch the video until the end.

Earn money from YouTube

Whether ad customers pay for YouTube subscribers

Advertisers pay for brand promotion through your channel only if the number of active subscribers is approximately the same as their total number. Engagement is much more important than quantity, because the ability to convince consumers to buy a product depends only on the popularity of the person in the network. Engagement depends on trust in your opinion, the number of likes and activity in the comments, therefore you could
buy youtube likes. This is what advertisers are interested in. Engagement level is the percentage of comments and likes to the total number of subscribers: – 2-3% – average level; – 4-6% – high level; – more than 10 – “viral”. If your activity is high, brand owners will be interested in paying money to make advertising integrations in their videos and attract the right customers. Well, the average level of engagement is checked in opinion leaders and search services.

How to earn money on the number of subscribers in YouTube

70% of people, before buying a product, search for information about it on the Internet, and most of them look at bloggers ‘ reviews. People read product reviews, and you can get them interested in watching your video. If you are interested in something and have a good understanding of it, you can advertise relevant products and brands, earning money from it.

Earning options in YouTube

  1. ad integrations;
  2. affiliate marketing;
  3. selling your own products and services;
  4. built-in advertising.

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